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Gum Copal Manila is derived from the resin of a coniferous tree native to the Philippines. It is not to be confused with other copals, which are the product of fossilised plant materials. It can be dissolved in alcohol to make a spirit varnish, to be used as a substitute for shellac, or as a fixative for pastel and charcoal drawings. Please note, that when used as a fixative it may darken the colour of the image.

Gum Copal Manila is a resin obtained from the fossilization – more or less ancient – of the tree “Vateria Indica L”. It occurs as varisized resinous masses, with wrinkled surfaces ranging from a pale blond colour to that of dark honey. Gum Copal Manila has a melting point of 103°C-120°C. It is soluble in alcohol and insoluble in conventional solvents; it is used in the formulation of adhesives, putties, varnishes for wooden objects and as an antiquating agent for frames, furniture, etc.

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